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November 06, 2006

Some Ideas

This is a list of the things I would like to build (any ideas are welcome):
  • Chocolate Printer: a printer that uses chocolate instead of ink and is capable of printing 3D objects (I've seen some guy stolen my idead, but thats OK, I don't mind).
  • Vibrating Pen: a pen that vibrates producing funny writing (for children).
  • Electric Bike: a bike that uses an electric motor for propulsion.
  • Frictionless Electricity Generation on a Bike
  • Skype Phone Ringer
  • Faraday’s Torch: the ones you shake.
  • Big Van de Graaf Generator
  • OWI 007 Computer interface
  • Weather Cube: a transparent cube that emulates current or future weather on its inside (uses internet weather information).
  • Wooden IPod Case (nano)
  • Foldable Bike Trailer
  • Lock Picks
  • Binary Clock

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