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September 01, 2008

Eee PC 1000 + Ubuntu + KDE 4.1

My computer finally died. After close to ten years of faithful service, my computer catastrophically failed one last time (this doesn't necessarily mean I won't try to fix it). Anyways, this pushed me to finally buy another computer after many years of searching around.

I chose to buy an Asus Eee PC 1000; I could not be happier with my buy.

The obligatory Eee PC specs:
  • 1.6 GH Intel Atom CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 40 GB SDD (8 + 32)
  • 10 in LCD
  • SDD card reader
  • Multi-touch touchpad
  • Shiny black body
  • WiFi draft n
The solid storage is great. It gives the peace of mind that I require to be able to take the laptop everywhere on my bike or in my backpack (I jump around a lot). I have currently formatted both disks with ext3 partitions mounted with the realtime option. I know about the life expectancy concerns but I have not found any reference that says that my SDD drives will die prematurely if I use the ext3 filesystem instead of ext2. Also, the ext3 filesystem is more robust and it doesn't corrupt files if it is not checked often or if the computer is turned off abruptly.

I installed Kubuntu by creating a live USB stick using UNetbootin and then setting the USB stick as the primary device in the BIOS. The Eee PC then boots with the USB key and Kubuntu can be installed normally. For more info about installing Ubuntu please refer to this page.

In order to have the WiFi adapter and the wired Network card working, I used the kernel packages from Array.org.

The battery life is awesome. It is much longer than in conventional laptops, even with the processor working at full speed, the LCD at full brightness and the WiFi adapter enabled. Also, the keyboard is very nice and not too small. It is really easy to get used to it. For more info about the Eee PC performance, please watch the following video:

The touchpad is very good and the multitouch feature works very well. It is hard to go back to normal touchpads. Nevertheless, a mouse is much faster and precise, so I decided to buy a mouse: the Logitech VX Nano.

Needless to say, the VX Nano is wonderful and a perfect match for the Eee PC. They have both been carefully designed with particular attention to detail and quality. They come with carrying cases and are very sturdy and good looking.

It is obvious that I'm happy with my two new toys.

Finally, KDE 4.1 is simply perfect. It is beautiful, fast, and very well thought. In short: the perfect software for the perfect hardware.


mrbiotech said...


Love your blog! How does the Eee-PC feel in terms of build quality? Does it flex a bit when closed or is it relatively solid? How's the keyboard? Also curious about typing on the keyboard: is it bouncy and feel like it has no reinforcement within the laptop, or is it like typing on a Mac?

Keep up the good work! :)

Carlos said...

mrbiotech, thanks for the comment.
You have really good questions, I should have mentioned this in the post.

The Eee PC feels very sturdy and doesn't flex. I like the keyboard and it feels like it is really well integrated with the rest of the body (no bounciness). I never used a mac so I cannot say how similar or different it is.

I hope this helps

mDup said...

Hi Carlos,

I bought a 1000H ans also want to install KDE-4.1. Did Kubuntu work without tweaks? There are so many references to Linux+EeePC and most of them tell you that you need to fix a few things (WiFi, Eth, micro, ,,,).


Carlos said...

In order to get wifi and wired LAN working I used the kernel modules from array.org/ubuntu/.

Adam McDaniel has made a great job in putting together these modules that work great. I suggest you follow the instructions posted in his forum for installing the kernel modules (basically, you need to download them from the website using another computer and put it in a USB key. Then you install them on your eeePC freshly blessed by kubuntu and you reboot. This will get your wifi and LAN working and you'll be able to add the array repos as any other repo).

You can find the forum post explaining this procedure here:http://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic.php?id=38030

BTW, I don't have any bluetooth devices so I have not tested it. Also, I have some troubles getting the sound form the mic but I have not fiddled a lot with it yet, so it might be an easy fix (or probably not).

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the great post.

I just bought one of these and while Xandros has its charms... I was wondering whether there were better set ups out there. Now I know!

But I have a question:

How is the KDE 4 version running on it? Is it stable?

I know I could just try this myself, but I make my living from my laptop and I need something steady.


Anonymous said...

Also, did you install the Kubuntu Kde4 Remix or did you install the KDE 3 version and upgrade from there.

Thanks again

Carlos said...


KDE 4.1 is running very stably (it is much more stable and polished than 4.0) and I use it everyday without problems.

If you want to test ubuntu you can use a live cd (with an external cd drive) or a live usb key. You'll be able to boot ubuntu without modifying your system

I used the KDE4 remix version in order to limit the amount of kde3 packages installed in my system in order to save space.

So far the things that don't work on my system are: the mic, the shortcut buttons (silver ones), the volume Fn keys, the screen off key, and the wireless en/disable key.

Finally, I can do many things with Ubuntu that were difficult with xandros since I can install all the programs I want and there is much more community support.

Happy hacking.

Anonymous said...

I ordered my Eee 1000 on Saturday and just stumbled upon your blog after googling for Eee PC 1000. I am typing this from my old Eee 701 but I am dead excited about getting my 1000 series now. I a expecting a phone call from the computer shop either tomorrow or the day after and i'm glad you gave it such a cool review. Nice video by the way.

I have ordered a white one:same colour as my 701. I am using Hardy Heron too, but keen to get Ibex on my new Eee.I am a Gnome man myself, but KDE is pretty flashy too. Nice review man, I am so excited to take my 1000 series out of the box. They are iconic machines!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried using Mandriva KDE4.1 it works pretty much flawlessly on my 900, everything seems to work, all short cuts, wireless, fn keys the lot.

Only issue I saw was the power off didn't completely shut down the little mite, but just do a system upgrade and select the new kernel at boot, this fixes the issue.

Mandriva has pretty much full blown support for eeepc, and unlike older releases, runs very quick indeed, I even have all the 3d gubbins going too, it looks awsome.


Unknown said...

Hey Carlos,
Thanks for the blog and video. Helped me decide to order one. KDE makes the difference for me and it's great to see it running full steam on the Eee.
Thanks again.