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August 17, 2007

Arduino Launcher for the KDE menu

The Arduino software is good and works very well under Linux. Nevertheless, it doesn't create a menu item when installed and it can be tricky to create one for those who are not very used to Linux (like me).

In order to add a KDE menu launcher for the Arduino software, open the KDE Menu Editor, create a new item and put
cd /opt/arduino-0007/; ./arduino
in the Command field. Also, make sure that Run in terminal is checked and replace /opt/arduino-0007/ by your own installation path.

I'm sure there are thousands of other ways of doing this (including many than only require a few commands in the terminal) but at least this ways is pretty simple and and can be done without knowing that much about Linux.

1 comment:

keen101 said...

I tried your method, but since i use gnome it did not work. however with a little probing i figured out two different way's to accomplish this in gnome.

One is to use this launcher command:

bash -c "cd /home/andrew/arduino-0012/; ./arduino"

and the other way was to create a script with the following code, rename it to "arduino", and copy it to /usr/local/bin


cd /home/andrew/arduino-0012