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August 23, 2006


I am Carlos Asmat, an electrical engineering undergraduate at McGill University. I have been living in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) for the past eight years but I was born in Rosario (Santa Fe, Argentina).

I have always been interested in building and modifying things. As a child, I disassembled (or broke according to some) many of my toys
in order investigate how they worked. Very often, I was not capable of assembling them back again, so I used the pieces to build some other rudimentary toys.

Since then, I have considerably evolved. As a grown and responsible man, I disassemble many pieces of hardware, ranging from computer peripherals to household appliances, in other to learn how they function and to use the parts to build rudimentary machines. Fortunately for my beloved ones, I don’t experiment on new equipment: my primary source of hardware is the garbage.

This site is diary of my creations. It serves two main goals: to organize my thoughts by making an inventory of what I have done, and to instruct an eventual reader on how to build these creations.

I apologize for my poor English, please don't hesitate in correcting me. I also welcome any comments in Spanish, French or English and I hope you will enjoy this blog.

You can contact me at


lampkin said...

Hey Carlos,

I writing to tell you that I really enjoy your site...it is full of all kinds of good stuff. I am just now starting to involved in electonics (I now have more time)and have found your site invaluable. I hope you wouldn't mind if I emailed you sometime with a question.

Keep up all the good work and THANKS !!!


Carlos said...

I'm happy you like my site lampkin. I look forward to answer some of your questions

Anonymous said...


It was wonderful seeing your web page and the number of projects you have built are astonishing and praiseworthy.

I am from India, a hobbyists building electronic gadgets.

Recently got interested in building robots.

Built a simple light following robot.

Want to build a robot with more features such as speech producing and answering robot.

Can your guide me.

A. S. Bhasker Raj
email ID:bhasker.raj48@gmail.com